How much does it cost

Consultation fees - what do I get for my money?

All our new patients are assessed by our Consultant Plastic Surgeon. The fee for this appointment is £120.
This lasts 30 minutes and includes:

Full history and examination with one of our nurses to keep you company focusing on the problem that concerns you.

• Discussion of your options and the likely outcome of each of the following;
• Whether you want to be asleep or awake.
• Go home the same day or stay overnight.
• Likely recovery time.
• Time off work.

Review of before and after photographs of our patients to show the type of outcomes we can achieve

We often see our patients two or three times before treatment and there is no extra charge for these subsequent appointments.

What about free consultations?

We run cosmetic events regularly at the Nuffield Health Tees Hospital with free mini-consultations with our Consultant Plastic Surgeon Chris Dunkin. If you are considering cosmetic surgery but are not yet committed then you might find these helpful. You get a chance to meet us for 5 minutes and have a tour of our clinic and hospital. We can give you an outline of the treatment options open to you and help you to decide if you would like to come and see us to consider treatment in more detail. 

These mini-consultations are free and without obligation,
call 0844 272 5951 to book yours today.

How much will my treatment cost?

We will give you a guaranteed package price for your treatment after your consultation.

This package price includes:

• Consultant-delivered care – Chris Dunkin will assess and advise you before surgery, will do your procedure himself and look after you afterwards.
• Consultant-delivered anaesthetic – your anaesthetic will be provided by our Consultant Anaesthetist if you choose to be asleep (general anaesthetic) or if you choose local anaesthetic and sedation. Our Anaesthetists are fully accredited and on the Specialist Register for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.
• Single private room with ensuite bathroom.
• Meals and drinks during your admission.
• Unlimited visiting for family and friends.
• All hospital fees including special orders such as breast implants.
• Specialist nursing care on the ward.
• Specialist nursing care in Dressing Clinic and Clinic.
• All your follow-up care is included for free.

What happens if I have problems after treatment?

The package price includes all the cost of your care until you have healed. If you have a problem that requires return to the operating theatre, for example to treat a haematoma (collection of blood) or a wound infection, then this is also included. We want you to get the best possible result after treatment. Once you have healed and settles down after surgery if you are not happy with any part of the result and we think that we can improve it then we will do so at no extra charge. 

Post-treatment care

We will see you as many times as necessary until you have healed after surgery. For most of our patients this means one or two Dressing Clinic appointments and one or two clinic visits. We are happy to see you as often as you wish. All your follow-up care is included for free.

What do I do now?

Our clinic is based at the Nuffield Health Tees Hospital Stockton-on-Tees and the BMI Woodlands Hospital in Darlington.

Please contact us on 0844 272 5951 for a consultation
or click on the link below to email us.

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