Post-operative care advice

Wound care and dressings.

We use showerproof dressings after surgery so you can shower and wash your hair as normal form day 1 – just pat dry with a clean towel or leave to air dry. Sometimes we use ointment for example near the hairline after facelift. In this case simply wash your wound daily with normal soap and water (in the shower is easiest) and reapply the ointment 2-3 times per day. Don't forget to cover your pillow with a towel to keep your bed linen clean.

Most of the stitches we use dissolve so there is nothing to remove. We will make arrangements for removal or stitches if this is necessary. 

Pain relief

You will be given enough painkillers to take home. Please contact the hospital if you feel you need more painkillers as you may need a review by one of our nursing staff.

Will I know if something is wrong?

We will go through this with you before you go home so you know what to look out for. Swelling and pain around your operation site can be a sign of a haematoma. Swelling, redness and wound discharge suggest you may have a wound infection. If you are concerned then please telephone the Nuffield and arrange to come and our nurses.


We will provide all your aftercare in Dressing Clinic and clinic. You will looked after by Mr Dunkin and his team. There is no charge for any of these visits – they are all part of the package of care.

What do I do now?

Our clinic is based at the Nuffield Health Tees Hospital Stockton-on-Tees and the BMI Woodlands Hospital in Darlington.

Please contact us on 0844 272 5951 for a consultation
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